Legislative Initiatives

Senate Bill 1426: Independence, Fairness, and Transparency in ILGA Sexual Harassment Investigations

The Illinois General Assembly has made great strides in improving the way it addresses sexual harassment complaints. Reform for Illinois’ initiative, Senate Bill 1426, builds on that progress by increasing the transparency, independence, and fairness of investigations and the reporting process.

Senate Bill 1426 makes the following important changes:

An independent and fair process of handling sexual harassment complaints is essential to public confidence and to ensure that everyone can participate equally in state government. These changes benefit victims of harassment, the public, and members whose constituents want to see the legislature take proactive steps to address this important issue.

Read SB1426 and see it’s progress here.

SB 1733: Fair Elections Fund

SB 1733 creates a Small Donor Matching system in Illinois, which amplifies the voices of small donors and levels the playing field for candidates to pursue public office.

Purpose of this legislation: Voters and candidates alike are frustrated with the volume and influence of money in politics today. The cost of running for office requires candidates to raise substantial sums of money, or fund their campaigns through personal wealth. A Small Donor Matching System allows local donors to have their voices heard.

How it works:

Benefits of the system: 

Precedent in other states: 

The Small Donor Matching System in SB 1733 is based on the successful system in New York City, which has been in operation since the 1980s. This system is an important step in reducing the influence of money in politics and opening the door to candidates who may not have access to significant financial resources. 

Follow the progress of SB1733 by clicking here.

SB 1503: Statewide Reporting on Illinois Election Procedures

Many Election Administrators are Facing New Challenges

Illinois has become a leader in advocating for inclusive and accessible elections by passing critical reforms in recent years, including Automatic Voter Registration and Same Day Registration. As these initiatives are enacted, support and open communication with election administrators are essential to ensure their successful implementation.

Currently, there is no process in place for individual election jurisdictions in Illinois to submit their processes and procedures for training poll workers, promoting early voting sites and times, or engaging in outreach to potentially disenfranchised voters. Election administrator feedback is only available on an individual basis, so patterns among many different administrators may be missed on a statewide level. 

Reform for Illinois proposes an annual reporting mechanism that allows election jurisdictions to submit their feedback, successes, challenges, and election practices to the Illinois State Board of Elections. This will allow the Board of Elections to better understand successful programs and areas for improvement in jurisdictions across the state. It will also allow jurisdictions to regularly submit their feedback on election processes and ask for support where necessary. Documenting these election procedures across the state of Illinois will create a long-standing resource for administrators, advocates, and election officials. 

Reform for Illinois believes that a greater exchange of information on election processes would benefit election administrators, the State Board of Elections, journalists, advocates, and most importantly – voters. The ability to better understand the procedures and challenges of election administrators on a statewide level will also help legislators make well-informed decisions on potential changes to the election process. Statutes affected: 10 ILCS5/1A-8.

Proposal: Increase Information on Election Procedures

Follow the progress of SB1503 by clicking here.


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