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Mayor Lightfoot, Senators Bush & Peters Discuss “Equity and Ethics for Illinois” at Reform for Illinois Luncheon
Ethics and equity are “inextricably intertwined,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told a packed room at Reform for Illinois’ annual luncheon
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Heavy Hitters Ran to Lightfoot: Big Donors and the Chicago Mayoral Runoff
Lori Lightfoot cruised to a commanding victory in the Chicago mayoral runoff on April 2, garnering a nearly 50 point
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Where their interests lie: Influential sectors in Chicago take sides in mayoral race
With votes set to be tallied Tuesday night in Chicago’s heated mayoral race, a close look at who’s funding the
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Chicago Mayoral Race 2019 Ranked Choice Poll
Chicago Mayoral Race 2019 | OpaVote Reform for Illinois is exploring ways we might change the way we vote to
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Miderm Spendes
Mayoral Self-Funders: Candidates Pour Personal Funds into Campaign Accounts
As we reported earlier this week, many Chicago mayoral candidates have been tapping wealthy donors to fill their campaign coffers.
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Tiny Role of Small Donors in Mayoral Race Shows Need for Reform
An analysis of contributions in the 2019 Chicago mayoral race shows that small donors – those who give $150 or
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2018 Q4 Report
Fourth Quarter Campaign Finance Report:  A Cash Divide in Mayoral Race Follows Rich Battle Over Governor’s Seat​ Illinois is known nationally
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Dark Money Finds Local Elections
Dark money has reached Illinois politics, with voters increasingly finding themselves facing ads and mailers paid for by unknown sources
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Money Movers: Legislative Leaders Leverage a Loophole in Last Minute Funding Frenzy
    Summary State legislative leaders have been using Illinois’ self-funding campaign finance provision to get around contribution caps and funnel millions
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6 Things to Know About Running an Election
RFI advocates for reforms to make voting easier, more secure, and more accessible for everyone. We worked with lawmakers to pass the Voting
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Third Quarter Campaign Finance Report: The Final Stretch to Election 2018
With the midterm elections less than a month away, candidates up and down the ballot have been focused on pulling
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#MeToo in Illinois: Progress Made in Sexual Harassment Investigations, but Still Room for Improvements
The #MeToo movement engulfed Springfield in November 2017 after an activist announced that no investigation was conducted after she submitted a sexual harassment
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Attorney General Candidates Debate Transparency, Corruption at Reform for Illinois Forum
Illinois Attorney General hopefuls Erika Harold and Kwame Raoul both pledged in a recent debate to improve the office’s oversight
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How We Vote: Is Colorado the Future?
On October 1 & 2, Reform for Illinois brought together community leaders, voting experts, and elected officials to discuss the
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Early Voting in Illinois: Can We Do Better?
Elections used to happen on Election Day. As recently as 2004, Illinois voters had to show up at a polling
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