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Getting on the Illinois Ballot: How many Signatures does it Take?
Candidates consider several factors while campaigning for public office, but sometimes, just getting on the ballot is their greatest challenge.
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Millennials Insist We Tackle Truth in an Era of Fake News
Each year, the Chicago Community Trust sponsors On the Table, an annual forum that invites Chicago residents to participate in elevated
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Editorial: Illinois Needs to Get Big Money Out of Elections
The cost of the 2018 Gubernatorial Election already makes it the most expensive campaign in Illinois history and it’s well
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Will Mayoral Challengers Step Up to Give Emanuel a Run For His Money?
With the election still over nine months away, all eyes are focused on who will be elected Chicago’s next Mayor
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Early Voting in Illinois Increasing, But Higher in Other States
Since 2006, the use of Early Voting in Illinois Primary Elections has been steadily increasing. The 2018 Primary saw record turnout,
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Rauner Reports $38 Million In the Bank After 3-Point Primary Win
Pritzker Spends More Than Other Gubernatorial Candidates Combined After an unprecedentedly expensive Primary Election, candidates are already setting their sights
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Roskam Tops Congressional Fundraising Charts in 2018
After contentious Primary Elections for congressional seats on both sides of the aisle came to a close last month, all
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How Illinois’ Population Loss Could Change State Politics
It’s a well-known story at this point: people are leaving Illinois, and taking their tax dollars with them. The state’s
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New Report Compares Illinois Elections to National Best Practices
In recent years, the integrity and security of state election procedures has become a focal point for voters and advocacy groups alike.
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In Illinois, Big Money Hasn’t Always Won the Governor’s Race
Illinois politics is making national news this year for what could be the most expensive gubernatorial election in U.S. history.
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Big Money Power Brokers in the 2018 Illinois Primary
Who were the individuals and special interests behind some of Illinois’ most expensive local and statewide elections this year? We know
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Illinois Governor’s Race on Track to Break U.S. Spending Record
The 2018 Gubernatorial Primary Election in Illinois, which ended in victory for self-funded candidates Bruce Rauner (R) and JB Pritzker
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Democratic Turnout Surges, While GOP Turnout Drops in IL Primary
1.92 million people voted in yesterday’s Primary Election, after nearly a year of full-fledged campaigning from candidates on both sides
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Top Primary Races: “Cost Per Vote”
In many of the most contentious Primary Election races, results remained too close to call for hours. As the dust
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Governor’s Race: Fundraising Breakdown
As we enter the final week of the 2018 Primary Election in Illinois, candidates in the heated race for Illinois
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