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There is a current wave of women speaking up about sexual harassment in the workplace. Unsurprisingly, statehouses across the country
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Quick Read Though recent efforts to fix the system in Illinois have improved the process for bringing forth complaints of
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Facing a crowded field and sharing similar views on the role, fundraising may prove crucial for Democratic Illinois Attorney General hopefuls
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Quick Read Self-funding by Gov. Bruce Rauner ($50m) and JB Pritzker ($28m) accounts for 73% of the Illinois fundraising Current pace of
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Quick Read Lobbyists play a significant, if largely unseen, role in policy making across the state and nation. Therefore, understanding lobbying
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Quick Read Constant news stories about the vulnerability of elections has led to a variety of questions on how elections are
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As Illinois' many 2018 races for the state's top offices are reaching a boil, candidates are continuing to raise and
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Quick Read Illinois voters are often in the dark about how unused campaign funds are spent, but should know that
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Recently, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan surprised Illinois politicos by announcing she will not seek a fifth term. In the
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