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Reform for Illinois leads the way in addressing our state’s political corruption, the impact of money in politics, and the need to expand voter access. Please see below to learn more about our efforts to reform Illinois politics and government.

Legislative Accomplishments


Gift Ban Act, the 2002 Inspector Misconduct Act


State Officials and Employees Ethics Act


Voters Guide Act


Changes to FOIA and the procurement code, and the 2015 increase in reporting for Super PAC spending.


RFI also played a lead role in the 2009 revisions to the Election Code that enacted contribution limits, instituted quarterly reporting, and mandated year-round supplemental reports for large contributions, as well as further revisions in 2012 that codified regulations of Independent Expenditure Committees (so-called “SuperPACs”).


SB 248 Immediate disclosure of PAC expenditures over $1,000: Provides that a PAC that makes an independent expenditure of 1,000 or more shall file a electronic report with the State Board of Elections within 5 days of making the expenditure.


Voting Equipment Reporting Proposal. RFI proposed legislation to increase transparency surrounding the condition of voting equipment. It requires all state election authorities to provide biennial reports on the status of their voting equipment, as well as the cost to update and replace outdated equipment. The proposal was incorporated into Senate Bill 2651 and passed both the Illinois House and Senate in May 2018. Gov. Bruce Rauner signed it into law on July 20, 2018, and it went into immediate effect.

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