Reform Goals

Reform for Illinois is a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization that empowers the public to participate in government, addresses the role of money in politics, and promotes integrity, accountability, and transparency in our political system. To achieve this mission, we support:

  • Making elections more competitive by introducing fair, sensible limits on individual, corporate, and union contributions, and transfers from other political committees.
  • Mandating timely and full disclosure of lobbying activities, public officials’ economic interests, campaign contributions and expenditures, and other matters related to public business and the use of public resources.
  • Restoring electoral integrity by allowing candidates the option to leave the special interest rat race and instead draw public funds to finance their campaigns.
  • Encouraging fair, substantive campaigns by promoting compliance with Illinois’ Code of Fair Campaign Practices, developing nonpartisan, state-sponsored voter education guides, and encouraging improved media coverage of campaign issues.
  • Supporting an informed and engaged electorate by providing educational forums and trusted, nonpartisan research.

Reform for Illinois approaches issues through:

  • Legislative advocacy
  • Litigation with courts and administrative processes
  • Public engagement through events and the media

Each year, Reform for Illinois works with legislators to introduce key initiatives in the Illinois General Assembly.

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