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Chicago Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin faces allegations of misconduct and ethics violations

RFI Executive Director Alisa Kaplan spoke with the Chicago Tribune about Chicago Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin’s alleged misconduct and ethics violations, which were first reported by the Tribune last week. The Chicago Board of Ethics has defended its handling of the case, and City Inspector General Deborah Witzburg declined to comment on the situation.

“It’s disturbing that voters didn’t have the chance to consider the full scope of these allegations during Conyears-Ervin’s reelection campaign,” Kaplan said. “That’s largely on the Lightfoot administration for fighting to keep the letter detailing the allegations secret. While it’s frustrating that the inspector general can’t comment because the public doesn’t know if action is being taken, there are good reasons for them not to comment on investigations. But the allegations are serious and if they turn out to be true, there’s no question that there should be consequences.”

Read the article here.


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