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Weak campaign finance laws lead to dark money, expensive super PAC involvement in Chicago’s mayoral race

As Election Day looms, super PACs are spending big in Chicago’s mayoral race – and some are hiding where their money is coming from. 

RFI Executive Director Alisa Kaplan spoke with the Chicago Tribune about how dark money and these so-called independent expenditures are “part and parcel of weak campaign finance laws.” 

“It’s easy to blame candidates for taking advantage of all these ridiculous loopholes, but it’s important to remember that they operate in a ridiculous system. That system, which was built by the U.S. Supreme Court and our own weak campaign finance laws, creates tremendous pressure for candidates to one-up each other in an often-unethical money arms race,” she said. “But if we really want this type of behavior to go away, we need to create rules that incentivize ethical behavior and make sure they apply to everyone. The current system does the opposite.”

Read the article here.


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