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Illinois’ first Fair Elections program passes in Evanston

In a landmark move for campaign finance reform, the City of Evanston has established a Fair Elections Small Donor Matching program, the first of its kind in the state of Illinois. This groundbreaking initiative empowers every resident by providing a 9-to-1 match for campaign donations up to $50 to participating mayoral candidates.

Reform for Illinois worked with city council members to develop the legislation and spearheaded the effort leading to its passage. The Evanston Roundtable spoke with RFI Executive Director Alisa Kaplan after the vote: “We’re excited about this program because it will let Evanstonians from all walks of life give their favorite candidate a contribution that’ll have a real impact,” she said. “And it’ll let talented candidates from all walks of life – even if they’re not wealthy or they don’t have friends with deep pockets – have a real shot at winning.”

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