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Super PAC money floods mayoral race, signals need for reform

RFI ED Alisa Kaplan spoke with Crain’s Chicago Business about how super PACs active in Chicago’s mayoral race this cycle are hiding the identity of their donors and taking advantage of campaign finance loopholes. 

“People should always know who’s trying to influence them and who’s trying to get them to vote for a certain candidate,” she said. “It helps prevent corruption because you can see if favors are being exchanged for large contributions.”

Kaplan also spoke about the need to reform both state and local campaign finance rules: “There’s no real incentive for one of them to unilaterally disarm and reject the help of a super PAC,” she said. “They all want to take advantage of all these loopholes, they all want to take advantage of independent expenditures, but they want to accuse each other of taking advantage of independent expenditures.”

Read the article here.


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