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The Cost of a Campaign

Illinois Sunshine was used as a data source in this article. Via – The Times Hundreds of millions of dollars have changed hands in the race for Illinois Governor alone. Over the course of the entire 2018 governor’s race, J.B….

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Our Reform Achievements

Since 1997, our organization has worked to empower the public through legislative advocacy, legal action and direct engagement with the media and public. In 1998, In collaboration with policymakers and key stakeholders, we were successful in the passage of the…

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Some Campaign Funds Neck and Neck

Illinois Sunshine was used as a resource in this article. Via – Northwest Herald “As the November general election draws near, Republican candidates for the 6th and 14th Congressional districts are leading in campaign receipts. Funds for Democrat and hopeful…

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The New Techniques (and Big Money) Behind Political Ads

ICPR’s Policy Director Alisa Kaplan appeared on Chicago Tonight. Via – WTTW “The race for Illinois governor has been dominated by two massively wealthy candidates willing to self-fund their campaigns to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, tens…

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Illinois’ Election Security is National News

This week on NBC’s Nightly News, Steve Sandvoss of the Illinois Board of Elections recounted how Illinois’ voting system was targeted by hackers in the 2016 election. While there is no evidence that actual votes were affected, thousands of voter…

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Will Emanuel Campaign Cash Trickle To Other Candidates?

Executive Director Mary Miro was quoted in this interview clip. Via – WBBM “A campaign finance expert says Mayor Emanuel could help other candidates with the nearly $8 million left in his political fund. Mary Miro, executive director of the Illinois…

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