Fundraising Totals

With so many candidates reporting large fundraising totals, it’s easy to lose track of where the funds come from. These tables summarize fundraising by source for the time period July 1, 2004 through October 19, 2004, two weeks before election day. Note that the fundraising totals do not include cash on hand or other fundraising prior to July 1, 2004.

Fundraising Totals for Top Races:

Illinois Supreme Court (Fifth District)

32nd Senate District

38th Senate District

47th Senate District

59th Senate District

75th House District

79th House District

92nd House District

108th House District

Illinois Supreme Court (Fifth District)
Lloyd Karmeier (R)Gordon Maag (D)
Illinois Republican Party$744,076Democratic Party of IL$2,211,478
Illinois Civil Justice League$707,428Illinois AFL-CIO$16,554
Illinois Chamber of Commerce$169,001Rick Jones$2,712
Illinois Hospital Assn$100,000(Dozens of donors tied)$2,000
Illinois State Medical Soc.$54,662
All Others$563,000All others$167,000
Total$2.3 million$2.4 million
32nd Senate District
Pamela Althoff (R)Patrick Ouimet (D)
Republican State Senate Campaign Cmte$29,070IL Senate Democratic
IL State Med Soc$27,000Sarles & Ouimet$81,520
Althoff Industries$8,736IL Trial Lawyers Assn$5,000
Operating Engineers Local 150$7,900Ted P. Patras$5,000
All Others$131,246All Others$29,270
38th Senate District
Gary Dahl (R)Patrick Welch (D)
Gary Dahl$75,000IL Senate Democratic Fund$373,446
Republican State Senate Campaign Cmte$53,940IEA/IPACE$25,000
Citizens for Frank Watson$22,000IL Federation of Teachers$12,268
IL Transportation Assn$7,500IL Laborers$10,000
Nat’l Federation of Independent Business$5,000IL Trial
Lawyers Assn
All Others$80,271All Others$72,867
47th Senate District
Tom Ernst (R)John Sullivan (D)
Republican State Senate Campaign Cmte$449,788IL Senate Democratic
Citizens for Frank Watson$14,000IPACE/IEA$25,000
Illinois Republican Party$10,175Assoc Fire Fighters of IL$11,500
Citizens for Rauschenberger$7,550IL Laborers$10,500
Nat’l Federation of Independent Business$5,000John Mahoney$10,000
All Others$78,272All Others$86,508
59th Senate District
Ron Summers (R)Gary Forby (D)
Republican State Senate Campaign Cmte$494,398IL Senate Democratic
IL Chamber$14,500IPACE/IEA$40,000
IL Republican Party$11,876IL Federation of Teachers$25,250
Nat’l Federation of Independent Business$10,000SEIU$22,500
Citizens for Frank Watson$4,400Assoc Fire Fighters of IL$11,500
All Others$61,733All Others$129,842
75th House District
Doug Hayse (R)Careem Gordon (D)
House Republican Organization$127,990Democratic Party of IL$242,283
Citizens to Elect Tom Cross$71,325IL Federation of Teachers$11,000
IL Republican Party$40,675IL Laborers$10,000
IL State Medical Soc.$14,430IBEW$8,500
IPACE/IEA$10,000Assoc Fire Fighters of IL$8,000
All Others$49,095All Others$73,201
79th House District
Kay Pangle (R)Lisa Dugan (D)
House Republican Organization$84,137Democratic Party of IL$197,891
Citizens to Elect Tom Cross$58,384IL Laborers$10,000
IL Republican Party$19,351Assoc Fire Fighters of IL$8,000
LLL Fund$5,000Currie for State Representative$5,000
All Others$48,245All Others$55,764
92nd House District
Aaron Schock (R)Ricca Slone (D)
House Republican Organization$89,404Democratic Party of IL$317,514
Citizens to Elect Tom Cross$83,008IL Federation of Teachers$27,207
IL Republican Party$22,351IPACE/IEA$15,000
Citizens for Leitch$17,500Operation Engineers Local 649$13,000
IL State Medical Soc.$16,090IL Laborers$11,000
All Others$76,332All Others$139,808


108th House District
David Reis (R)Bill Grunloh (D)
House Republican Organization$219,660Democratic Party of IL$302,508
Citizens to Elect Tom Cross$52,260IL Federation of Teachers$16,991
IL Republican Party$52,176IL Laborers$10,000
IL State Medical Soc$12,489Plumbers & Pipefitters Local
IL Chamber$10,089Assoc Fire Fighters of IL$8,000
All Others$91,996All Others$104,772


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