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Illinois Democrats eclipse Republicans in fundraising

Illinois Democrats are outraising their Republican counterparts as the general election draws nearer. According to Reform for Illinois’ Sunshine Database, incumbent JB Pritzker started the year by giving his campaign $90 million, and added another $35 million to his campaign account in March. This far exceeds Republican Darren Bailey’s fundraising totals: he’s received about $10 million since the beginning of the year. More money is a tremendous advantage in campaigns; as RFI’s Executive Director Alisa Kaplan noted in a recent interview with The Center Square, “Money is essential to running an effective campaign… You need that money to get on TV, radio, and those Facebook ads… No matter how effective the less wealthy candidate’s message is, if their opponent can drown that out by running 10 or 20 ads that say something else, that is a huge advantage.

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