Overwhelmed by all Those Judges on your Midterm Election Ballot? Chicago’s BallotReady Can Help.

RFI Policy Director Alisa Kaplan was quoted in this article.

Via – Chicago Tribune

With days to go until the midterm elections and early voting underway, Chicago startup BallotReady is in overdrive, working to ensure that voters don’t leave blanks or make guesses when casting their ballots.

BallotReady’s website lets users type in their addresses and research the candidates and issues they’ll see on their ballots. The female-founded company covers elections in every state, up from 12 states in 2016, said Alex Niemczewski, the CEO and co-founder.

Most of its online traffic comes in the 24 hours before Election Day.

“A lot of people want to do something, but they don’t know what to do. Voting is an action you can take that actually has power,” she said. “But if you’re voting without full information, if you’re guessing, if you’re leaving blanks, you’re not using your full power.”

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