RFI in Action: Dirty Money Forum

From Joe Manchin to ComEd, it’s hard to escape speculation about the role of corporate money and special interests in environmental and energy policy.

Watch Illinois PIRG’s Abe Scarr, WE ACT for Environmental Justice’s Dana Johnson, and Public Citizen’s Tyson Slocum discuss what’s really going on at the state, federal, and global level in a conversation moderated by RFI Executive Director Alisa Kaplan.

We discussed questions including:

  • In the wake of the alleged bribery scandal surrounding former House Speaker Mike Madigan, how did ComEd shape recent energy legislation in Illinois?
  • What’s the real story behind congressional resistance to federal climate change legislation?
  • What does equitable energy policy look like, and how are special interests affecting equity concerns in global climate change negotiations?

Watch below.


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