Super Wealthy Candidates for Governor Spending at Record Pace

RFI Policy Director Alisa Kaplan was quoted in this article.

Via – WGN

Gov. Bruce Rauner and J.B. Pritzker, two extremely rich men, spent a combined $228.9 million in the governors race so far, setting an Illinois record that’s just shy of the 2010 governor campaign in California.

Money talks in Illinois politics, and people hear Rauner and Pritzker loud and clear. With one guy worth half a billion dollars and the other worth more than $3 billion, they’re so loud other voices are being drowned out.

Not only are they self-funding their campaigns, they’re subsiding their political parties as well. The political takeover started when Rauner spent more than $65 million during the primary and general election in 2014. Much of the money came from Rauner’s own bank account, businessman Richard Uihlein, and hedge fund CEO Ken Griffin, the richest man in Illinois.

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