Illinois Must Make Changes to Protect Early Voting

Legal challenges regarding ballot status for a few candidates are causing Early Voting delays across Illinois Delays are being handled differently in each election jurisdiction, creating the potential for voter disenfranchisement and confusion State officials should be prepared to make important changes…

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Marie Newman Out-Raised Congressman Lipinski in 4th Quarter

Roskam leads the fundraising game with $577,106 raised last quarter, but Sean Casten made a considerable showing with $336,694. Casten contributed $250,000 to his own campaign during that time period, accounting for 74% of his total funds raised. Mazeski raised $266,677,…

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Campaign Finance Quarterly Reports Are In!

Gubernatorial candidates reported an 82% increase in spending from last quarter Gubernatorial candidates raised four times more this quarter than the same period in 2014 GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives raised a surprising $433,000 in first quarter since declaring  AG candidates raised…

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Cook County Property Tax System Operates With Unparalleled Independence

As recent reporting from ProPublica and the Chicago Tribune has brought more focus on Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios, a number of groups, including ICPR, have called for increased oversight of the Cook County Assessor’s Office. In the majority of the nation’s ten most populated counties,…

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ICPR’s 2018 Reform Resolutions

Happy New Year from ICPR! As we begin a critical election year in Illinois politics, we would like to share the top policy changes that we believe would make an impact for Illinois residents across the state. 1. Fix the ILGA…

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