To engage the public on matters critical to reform, Reform for Illinois hosts regular educational forums open to anyone. The forums focus on timely, relevant topics and often feature expert panels, key policymakers and candidates.

Equal Voices: HR1 and Campaign Finance Reform in Illinois

Cantigny Park - Visitor Center 1 S 151 Winfield Road, Wheaton, IL, United States

"Join us for a conversation about how the national campaign finance reform movement connects with local and state policy here in Illinois."

“Ethics and Equity for Illinois” Luncheon

The Ivy Room 12 E Ohio, Chicago, IL, United States

A sincere thank you to our "Champion" sponsors, Hon. Karen McConnaughay, and HNTB Corporation for your generous support.

A Conversation With Reform Advocate & Graphic Novelist Daniel Newman

Reform for Illinois is excited to host democracy reform advocate Daniel Newman for a discussion of his new graphic novel, Unrig. Political reform advocates know how hard it can be to communicate about reform issues in an engaging way that mobilizes...


Property Tax Virtual Town Hall

The Cook County Assessor is supposed to value properties and tax them fairly. The Board of Review and the state’s Property Tax Assessment Board (PTAB) were formed to provide an avenue for taxpayers to appeal those decisions, presenting cases of...

Virtual Town Hall with Fritz Kaegi, Cook County Assessor

What happens at the Cook County Assessor's office affects the bank accounts of millions of Illinoisans. It also affects our communities, as inequitable property tax burdens can lower homeownership rates in vulnerable neighborhoods, depress the creation of generational wealth, and...

Reform for Illinois’ 2023 Annual Awards Celebration

Fremont 15 W. Illinois St, Chicago

Our annual awards celebration is back! After more than three years, we could not be more excited to see you all in person. This year, we're recognizing four of our state's brightest stars: people who have spoken truth to power, blazed new trails...

Civil Disagreements: Bail Reform in Illinois

Illinois became the first state in the nation to eliminate cash bail last year. Our panel discussion will explore the implementation of the reform, confront myths and realities around the law, and consider broader implications for the justice system in...

Civil Disagreements: Can Presidents Pardon Themselves?


The U.S. Constitution says that presidents may "grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment." Nearly every president has exercised this power for offenses ranging from treason to simple drug possession. But to date, the only president to receive a pardon...

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